​What is the parade route like? How difficult is the route?

​What is the parade route like? How difficult is the route?
March 22, 2018 BCTP

​The total route is almost exactly 1K. The parade route can be split into two sections, each about a half kilometer: between the train station and municipal center and the loop on Greenwood Ave. You can do both sections, or jump in or out of​ the​ parade at the ​Municipal ​Center if you don’t feel you can do the whole route. We will have crossing guards to assist at any crosswalks.

The section between the train station and the ​Municipal ​Center is the easier half. It’s absolutely flat, has an excellent sidewalk, and curb cuts at each crossing.

The loop from the ​M​unicipal ​Center out to Greenwood Ave and back to the Municipal Center through P.T. Barnum Square is still mostly flat, but has a slight climb along Greenwood Ave. It then slopes back towards the Municipal Center. The area has streetscaping with cobbles on the sidewalk, which may be more difficult to walk on than a concrete sidewalk if you are using a mobility aid. The sidewalks are also a little narrower due to the light poles used in the streetscaping. You can still pass easily with a wheelchair.

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